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Chaque année en France, un habitant produit 573 kg d’ordures ménagères (chiffres...
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The EMP ranges

Expert in rotomolding, EMP imagine and design molds for the manufacture of polyethylene containers of all shapes and sizes.
Founded 25 years ago, EMP gets its first step into the rotomolding world in the agricultural and equestrian area. Then our ranges had progressively enlarged to retention,environment and outdoor furniture design. We are at your disposal to realize any molds and rotomolding items on demand (agriculture, industry, furniture, boating ...).

Represented in over 15 European countries, overseas and on the African continent, EMP manufacture a wild range of polyethylene containers. Thus, it's more than 120 000 items which are produced each year in the Britanny factory.
Specialized in added value products design and manufacturing, we enjoy today of a step ahead nodded by our customers in France and throughout Europe.

The retention range

Spill pallets are particularly rigid and rugged, resistant to most of corrosive and aggressive liquids such as chemicals products. Totally hermetic, they keep the liquids in case of a leak, dripping or the overflow. So pollution risks are prevented.


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La Janaie
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35120 Dol-de-Bretagne

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